The Interactive Conversation

Imagine you could talk to anyone

1. Recording

In the first step, you select an conversational partner whose digital self will later communicate virtually.

In a studio atmosphere, your interviewer answers between 200 and 1,000 predefined questions. In addition, small talk, greetings, goodbyes and fallback statements are recorded.

The recordings take place in Stereo3D with a high frame rate at a resolution of at least UHD and thus ensure a realistic image of the conversational partner.


2. Editing

Several hours and terabytes of raw material are created during the recording process. Our specialists edit the recorded footage and create a video catalogue from it.

The questions asked of the interviewer must now be varied so that the interviewer presents the correct answer even if the question is similar or synonyms are used. You can either provide us with your own question variations or our specialists can do this step for you.

In the next step, the video and question catalogue is merged and prepared for the desired playback platform.


3. Playback

In the meantime, your conversational partner has become a virtual conversational partner that you can view, for example, via a 3D screen in an installation or via a web browser.

You or your customers can now ask the Interactive Conversation questions. It will answer you and then return to his resting position to wait for the next question.

The answering is done by means of speech recognition. Your question is recognised, correctly assigned in the video catalogue and the corresponding video is output to the playback platform.

If no corresponding answer was recorded for your question, the virtual interlocutor answers with a matching fallback statement.

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