of the Interactive Conversation



  • Enquire about historical contexts directly from contemporary witnesses
  • Offer talks at any time with prominent personalities
  • Bildungseinrichtung

    Educational institution

  • Learning through play in schools
  • More personal exchange after online lessons
  • Helpdesk


  • For every question, the right answer
  • Giving computers a face and a voice
  • Online Auftritt

    Online appearance

  • Interactive FAQ
  • Beyond-the-Show with continuing discussion rounds
  • Playback

    of the Interactive Conversation

    On the user side, there are the following output options or playback platforms:


    Combinations of these options and other playback systems are possible. 3D playback is recommended and can be done autostereoscopically (without glasses) as well as via shutter, polar or anaglyph systems - depending on the presentation system chosen....

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    Flexibles Endgerät

    Flexible Device

        • Screen projection (3D)
        • TV screen (3D)
        • Computer Monitor

    Mobiles Endgerät

    Mobile Device

        • Android App
        • Internet Browser
    Verbautes Endgerät

    Installed Device

        • Interactive installation (3D)
        • Hologram
        • vending machine

    Your contact: Florian Maier

    Florian Maier began to work intensively on the design of 3D films as early as the mid-nineties. As a senior stereographer, he was responsible for the three-dimensional design of films such as "Wickie auf großer Fahrt" (Constantin Film / Rat Pack), "Hänsel und Gretel: Hexenjäger" (Paramount Pictures), "Return of Viy" (Russian Film Group), "Big Jump 3D" (Sigma Film) as well as commercials for companies such as VOLKSWAGEN, RED BULL or SONY and numerous short films. Florian Maier has received a total of 11 "Lumiere Awards for Outstanding Achievement" from the International 3D Society in Hollywood.

    Demo project: LeDiZ

    In the Munich project "LediZ" (Learning with Digital Testimonies), German-language interactive 3D testimonies of survivors of National Socialist violent crimes are being created. Such forms of visualisation are colloquially known as "holograms". At the Leibniz Computing Centre of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities, users have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the life stories of the survivors and to ask the interactive testimonies questions. The use of these digital testimonies in educational contexts is being researched in a variety of ways, always asking the question: "What does this have to do with me?"