• Imagine you can talk to anyone

    The Interactive Conversation

    Function Application
  • Learning with digital testimonies

    Zilli Schmidt

    In July 2021, the filming of the digital testimony of one of the last Holocaust survivors took place.

    The Project
  • Learning with digital testimonies

    Sinti & Roma

    Ten second-generation Sinti and Roma talk about their experience of the Holocaust and discrimination.

    The Project

The Interactive Conversation

Imagine you could have a personal conversation with any interesting person in the world. At any time. Regardless of whether this person is, for example, a famous personality from current affairs or another person with an exciting topic. The Interactive Conversation makes this possible. A multitude of pre-recorded answers from an conversational partner bring his or her virtual image to life. Using voice recognition, your question is transmitted to a video catalogue, where the appropriate answer is selected and played back directly - the virtual conversational partner talks to you. Using the latest 3D technology, the virtual conversational partner impresses with an immediate presence, as if it were a personal face-to-face dialogue. Due to the virtual experience, a certain distance remains, which makes it easier for you to ask (even unpleasant) questions.


Give your helpdesk device a human face or make your FAQs more personal.



Give the learning experience more closeness and a personal touch with an individual Q&A session with the experts after the online seminar. Preserve interviews of the last remaining contemporary witnesses or interview the digital likeness of celebrities.



Interactive installations will inspire your customers at every trade fair. An unprecedented immersive experience.

What our customers say

Prof. Dr. Markus Gloe

Prof. Dr. Markus Gloe


I really appreciate working with STEREOTEC, especially the professionalism they show, but also the identification with the project itself. You notice here that it is not just a service, but that the project itself is a matter of the heart for the company and the employees.

Uwe Neumärker

Uwe Neumärker

Director / Stiftung Denkmal

The way Zilli talks about the genocide but also about her struggle will reach young people. With this project we hope to reach new target groups to bring this issue - the genocide of the Sinti and Roma - to a wider public.

We offer

the creation of a unique interacticve conversational partner:

  • Archiving immersive eyewitness interviews
  • Accessibility of inaccessible personalities
  • Reenactment of historical greats
  • Individual helpdesk
  • Living FAQ on your internet presence

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This includes

the complete service on the way to the end product:

  • Support in the creation of the questionnaire incl. variations
  • Recording of the answers in 4K HFR s3D
  • Editing the videos and integrating them into your infrastructure
  • Advice on the evaluation options
  • Installation and support of the playback platform

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